ENT Meetings

These are imperative for doctors in training to attend if they wish to get ahead in ENT long term in Ireland. ENT is a small and well connected specialty, and consultants will be much more comfortable with someone they have met or heard present at a conference.

  • Irish Otolaryngeal Society – iosconference.org
    • – Usually held the second weekend of October, Friday and Saturday; Closing date for abstracts usually end of August
    • – Main conference of the year
    • – Joint conference between Northern and Republic of Ireland ENT and associated allied healthcare professionals
    • – Sessions include sections for ENT subspecialties to present research, posters, panel discussions on management of difficult cases, talks from international faculty, black-tie dinner and trainee association meeting
  • RAMI Winter meeting – https://www.rami.ie/section/otorhinolaryngology-head-neck-surgery/ (details of meeting usually appear 3 months before)
    • – Usually first Friday in December in the evening in RVEEH; closing date for abstracts start to mid November
    • – Case reports and Innovation in Surgical Technique presentations
  • Irish Head and Neck Society meeting – https://theihns.com/
    • – Inaugural meeting postponed due to Covid-19, was to bring together all specialties treating head and neck cancer held on a Saturday in mid March with research presentations, panel discussions and a formal dinner
  • RAMI Summer meeting https://www.rami.ie/section/otorhinolaryngology-head-neck-surgery/ (details of meeting usually appear 3 months before)
    • – Usually held on a Saturday at the end of April 
    • – Presentations on case series, posters and formal dinner
  • There are many international conferences one can attend, this is a non-exhaustive list:

ENT Groups

For trainees looking to get involved, groups requiring Irish trainee representatives from ENT:

AOT: aotent.org

  • – Association of ENT trainees of Great Britain and Ireland, representing the trainees to training bodies.
  • – Runs a trainee conference yearly with great UK networking

ISTG rep

  • – Usually represents trainees at the Training Committee meetings
  • – Usually a senior reg (ST7/8)

People of note in ENT

People of note in ENT; most people are very personable and approachable in ENT which is one of the reasons I chose the specialty. Below are some names that helped me along the way but there are many others.

  • – Prof. J.P. O'Neill – Head and Neck surgeon, Beaumont – coordinates a lot of the trainee education.
  • – Prof. Rory McConn Walsh – President of the Training Committee and great proponent for trainee research
  • – Prof. Helena Rowley – Training Programme Director, always helpful for career advice

Other stuff

  • – A handy website for starting out in ENT with emergencies, OPD help and courses; entsho.com
  • – Research collaborative; entintegrate.org